This is the wildest Hot Wheels video we've ever seen

Published Feb. 21, 2017 1:23 p.m. ET

What do Hot Wheel cars dream about at night?

According to 5MadMovieMakers, the answer is “a fantastical wonderland of lights, glow sticks, and fire.”

The team uses a Sony VG30H and a GoPro Hero Session 4 to shoot the above two-minute ride onboard a Bull Whip car and, we’ve got to admit, it is pretty wild.

According to the team, the video was made out of nothing but a “Hot Wheels track, unit blocks, Tinkertoys, lighter fluid, kerosene, lamp wicks, wire, rain gutters, plastic garden edging, LED lights, and lasers.”

This is far from the first time this team has pulled off something like this, and if you enjoy the ride you should definitely check out some more of their videos.