Former racing champion returns to track after 26 years in prison

November 3, 2015

In 1984, Randy Lanier won the IMSA GT championship.

In 1986, he won the 1986 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year with a 10th-place finish.

In 1988, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after being convicted for international drug trafficking.

Times change, however, and on Oct. 15, 2014, Lanier was released from prison and he currently is undergoing a three-year supervised release back into society. Before he was even released from prison, he had a job lined up for him at a classic car museum in Florida.


But Lanier hasn’t just rejoined the world and the workforce; he’s also gotten back onto the racecourse too, as documented by Jalopnik and Road and Track.

The Rally Baby Racing team hooked him up with a ride at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, and Lanier didn’t do too shabbily, especially considering that the last time he was behind the wheel was several years before Michael Schumacher made his debut in F1, or Jeff Gordon made his in NASCAR.

Both articles are well worth the read, and the video above is well worth the watch, so we’ll let Lanier tell his story.

Video by Jalopnik