Circuit Safari tour bus takes visitors out on an active racetrack

February 18, 2017

Now THIS is a safari!

Sure, it may be on my bucket list to get up close to a pride of lions in Africa one day, but I think I’ll slot this one in right above that.

The Circuit Safari is a regular street-going tour bus that you can ride out on the Fuji Speedway in Japan, all while race cars go zooming by during active practice sessions.

In the above video by NISMO TV, The Circuit Safari is seen taking to the track during the NISMO Festival.

The difference in speeds between the vehicles are quite astonishing, given that the GT cars can reach speeds of 300 kph (186 mph), but fortunately the bus is quite a large obstacle for the race drivers to see and avoid.

Yet if the race cars alone don’t quite convince you to give it a go, it should be worth noting that the track has quite a good view of the mountains too:

Photo: Jakob Ebrey/LAT Photographic