Fight breaks out at golf club over couple wearing denim?

BY foxsports • November 20, 2014

Dress codes can be strict, but they usually don’t lead to the police being called. At Weston Golf Club (Mass.), though, all bets are off.

The private Boston-area country club was the center of a major fracas in September after guests Stephen and Charlotte Weeple attempted to wear denim — a banned material — to the venue, according to The Boston Globe.

The couple apparently tried to join friends for drinks, but former club president Tom Ferry wasn’t having it. He shouted some not-so-nice words at the apparent denim-wearers, leading to a 911 call and a near-physical altercation.

Strangely, Charlotte Weeple claimed that neither she nor her husband were even wearing denim at the time.

“Having grown up and spent much of my life in golf clubs around Scotland and officers’ clubs in the military, I am fully aware and respectful of dress code and etiquette,” Weeple wrote to the club’s board.

The club’s directors conducted an investigation into alleged violations, which eventually led to three-month suspensions for 10 members.

Ferry resigned and apologized following the incident.

“I am sorry that the ongoing discord over enforcement of the club’s policies has reached such an embarrassing level,” Ferry said. “Most importantly I wish to repeat publicly the apology I gave to the people with whom I interacted outside of the club that night. It was wrong of me to have spoken that way, I have no excuse, and I sincerely regret having done so.”

If you’re planning on shelling out the $45,000 initiation fee for the invitation-only club, just make sure you don’t show up in jeans. That would be a bad look.