Daly adding TV to bag to show ads

Daly adding TV to bag to show ads

Published Feb. 11, 2011 12:00 a.m. ET

John Daly is going multimedia. He now has a TV built into his golf bag.

Daly has signed up with ProBagAds.com, a new company that installs flat-screen monitors on a golf bag to display advertisements, much like an electronic billboard.

The screen rotates with Daly's various sponsors.

He says it only weighs about three pounds, so it's not a big strain on his caddie. And while it looks like a TV, Daly says he's trying to make it work like one. He says he will be able to program it through his mobile phone, and he hopes to get his home television programming on there. Daly says when he plays golf overseas, he wants to have something to watch on TV - especially during football season.


Kyeong Bae first used the built-in monitor last year on the LPGA Tour.