20 questions about Tiger Woods' accident

Published Nov. 29, 2009 6:49 a.m. EST

Five days in the somehow-intertwined lives of Tiger Woods, his wife Elin Nordegren and Woods' alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel have left me with more questions than answers. Twenty, actually.

Tiger's troubles

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1. Tiger's official Web site characterized the incident as a "minor car accident," yet his wife told police she needed to smash out the back window of his 2009 Escalade in order to rescue him. Does that sound like a "minor car accident"?

2. Why did the Florida Highway Patrol wait 11 1/2 hours to report anything about the incident to the public? The report came, perhaps not coincidentally, after Woods had received treatment and exited an Orlando hospital.

3. If the National Enquirer story of Woods' alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel is untrue, which Uchitel maintains, why did TMZ.com report that Woods' wife scratched his face and smashed his SUV in an apparent fit of rage over the Enquirer's report?

4. Why are Woods and Nordegren stll refusing to formally talk to police about the accident? If you know you've been truthful with the police and have nothing to hide, why wait?

5. The National Enquirer story about Woods' alleged affair hit news stands earlier this week. Why didn't Woods and/or his legal team issue a formal denial of the affair, especially now in light of Uchitel threatening to launch her own defamation lawsuit against the Enquirer.

Tiger in the news


Tiger Woods wouldn't talk to police on Saturday. They'll try again Sunday.

6. The Enquirer reported that an unnamed attorney for Woods "vehemently denied the affair" between Woods and Uchitel. If the attorney felt so strongly about Woods being falsely accused, why didn't he attach his name to the denial?

7. If Uchitel does file a defamation lawsuit against the Enquirer, is that a good or bad thing for Woods?

8. Does Uchitel's strong denial of the affair make the public more likely to believe that nothing between her and Woods took place?

9. With Florida law enforcement officials telling TMZ.com that there was a "domestic issue" between Woods and Nordegren, why has the Florida Highway Patrol since announced that it is not investigating the incident as a domestic disturbance of any kind?

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10. If Woods, as TMZ.com reports, was taking prescription pain medication that caused him to appear "somewhat out of it" to police at the crash scene, could he still face DUI charges? The Florida Highway Patrol has indicated there was no alcohol involved in the accident.

11. Where was Woods going at 2:30 a.m.?

12. Woods' 2009 Cadillac Escalade ran over a fire hydrant and smashed into a tree, and Nordegren claims she broke out the back window of the vehicle with a golf club. With the kind of noise the mishap generated, how could there be no witnesses?

13. Why was New York City resident Uchitel seen checking in to the same hotel as Woods in Melbourne the week of the Australian Masters?

14. Why would Ashley Samson, who the Enquirer called Uchitel's "friend," go on the record in detailing an affair between Woods and Uchitel? If Samson was lying, wouldn't she face legal action from Woods — along with public embarrassment?

15. Uchitel said she's never had a relationship with Woods, but confirmed that she's met him twice. So it's complete coincidence that she's met Woods on more than one occasion — and was later spotted checking into his hotel halfway 'round the world in Australia?

16. Woods' first scheduled press conference for his personal golf tournament outside of Los Angeles next week is Tuesday. Will he show?

17. What can Woods say now that will satisfy his endorsement partners going forward? Hundreds of millions of dollars hang in the balance.

18. If Woods' injuries do not look consistent with his vehicular mishap, will police consider charging his wife with domestic abuse?

19. Since Woods and Nordegren may not speak publicly before the 911 call is released Sunday, does that indicate they are confident the call contains no information contrary to their version of events that night?


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