Clemson's Ben Boulware appears to choke Louisville QB Lamar Jackson

BY foxsports • October 1, 2016

We knew Saturday's battle between Louisville and Clemson would be contentious, but we didn't realize just how much until these two clubs took the field. And no where did things get more feisty than late in the second quarter. 

Louisville QB Lamar Jackson burst through the hole on a run play, and when he got up he was clearly fired up -- yelling, screaming and pointing at the refs, and we weren't exactly sure why.

On replay, as you can see below, Clemson's Ben Boulware not only tackles Jackson, but appears to choke him at the bottom of the pile.

While it's disappointing that the refs missed this play, the good news is that the tomfoolery from Boulware seemed to end after this play. 

After the game Boulware was asked about the incident and said, "I was just trying to pull him down. If he thought it was a dirty play, I definitely apologize. I was just trying to get him down."

That's not what it looked like. It's one thing to be physical with a tough opponent, but it's another to be outright dirty. That's exactly what Boulware was on this play.

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