Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes wants to tell you about his crush on Glee's Lea Michelle

Published Mar. 20, 2016 2:42 p.m. ET

After three years, we should know not to miss a Nigel Hayes NCAA tournament press conference. 

But we did. So here we are, doing our best to get Nigel's message out a few days later. 

It seems that the Wisconsin forward has a crush on Glee star Lea Michelle. We know because he told everyone earlier this week at a Wisconsin NCAA tournament press conference. 

Saturday, Hayes doubled down on his efforts to use the media to get Michelle out to a game. 

One has to wonder if the stenographer from the tournament last year would be jealous. 

Or if the bridesmaids at the weddings Hayes crashed this summer would have a twinge of envy. 

Either way, we know one thing -- we won't miss a Hayes press conference again. 




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