Report: Moye suffers stroke in collision

Published Nov. 18, 2010 12:00 a.m. EST

Former Indiana University basketball player A.J. Moye suffered a stroke after colliding head-on with a teammate in Germany, the Indianapolis Star reported Thursday.

Moye, who currently plays for Deutsche Bank Skyliners in Frankfurt, is expected to make a full recovery after the freak incident.

The former Hoosiers guard from Atlanta, Georgia crashed into a teammate during practice Monday, but “abnormal behavior” Tuesday led to him being taken to the hospital for tests.

“He is showing no long-term effects,” Moye’s agent, Aaron Smith, said Thursday. “He has no paralysis. His speech is fine. His family is with him now. It looks like he’ll have a full recovery.


“He did suffer a stroke. It was precipitated by a collision in practice. A.J. had a couple of concussions at IU and he’s had a couple since he’s been a pro. They are doing a lot of tests to be sure of exactly what happened.”

Moye was a member of Indiana’s 2002 Final Four team. The Hoosiers lost in the National Championship game to Maryland.