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On This Day: March is Mad

March 16, 2020

With the NBA, MLB, NHL and other major sports leagues and sporting events suspended or canceled, on a daily basis, we will revisit some of the most unforgettable games and sports moments in history. Welcome to On This Day.

This year's NCAA tournament is canceled, but March Madness memories live on.

There have been an unlimited amount of iconic moments in the NCAA tournament history, and March 16 represents a date where two of the greatest upsets in March Madness history occurred.

If you're a fan of Duke or Virginia, this is a day you probably wish you could forget.

If you are a Lehigh or University of Maryland, Baltimore County alum, then enjoy your eternal bragging rights.

March 16, 2012: 15-seed Lehigh University upsets 2-seed Duke University

In retrospect, Lehigh boasted an NBA star than we didn't know would be an NBA star in CJ McCollum.

In the history of the NCAA tournament, 2-seeds are 132-8 all-time, further proof of how large this upset actually was.

Here's a mini-movie, courtesy of Lehigh:

March 16, 2018: 16-seed UMBC upsets 1-seed University of Virginia

This is the biggest upset in the history of college basketball, simply because UMBC did what nobody thought would ever be possible: a 16-seed beating a 1-seed in the tournament.

Here are highlights:

And here is a full replay of the game if you have some extra time on your hands:

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