Monmouth coach breaks down in tears after emotional night in Chapel Hill

BY Nate Scott • December 29, 2016

Monmouth coach King Rice knew his team had a tough matchup ahead of it when the Hawks traveled to Chapel Hill to take on No. 9 UNC on Wednesday night. He knew about the power of the Tar Heels program, as Rice played for the team from 1987 to 1991 and then coached under Roy Williams when he began his career.

That history overwhelmed Rice in the moments after Monmouth's 102-74 loss to the Tar Heels in the game. He was disappointed in his team, yes, but he was also grateful for the warm reception from the UNC crowd and the love he received from coach Roy Williams.

“I’d like to start off by thanking Coach Williams,” Rice said, as he was overwhelmed by emotion. “He treats me … he treats me like I’m one of his sons.”

He continued:

“I’m the luckiest guy that in 1987, Coach (Dean) Smith gave me a scholarship and it’s made me have a great, great, great life.”

Rice went on to thank Coach Williams for putting Monmouth on the schedule two times in the last six years.

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