Sen. Harry Reid: Pacquiao was robbed

Sen. Harry Reid: Pacquiao was robbed

Published Jun. 12, 2012 1:00 a.m. ET

Manny Pacquiao was robbed.

So says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, himself a former boxer and member of the Nevada Gaming Commission before he was elected to Congress.

The lawmaker said Tuesday it was clear to everyone who knows anything about boxing that Pacquiao won his bout in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Reid said he was not personally at the fight, but that he had talked to many people who were. He said one of the three judges in the match was a personal friend.


"From all the reports that I've seen or from people outside the fight ... Pacquiao won the fight," Reid told reporters.

Timothy Bradley won the bout — and the WBO welterweight title — in a controversial split decision after it appeared to many boxing fans and critics that Pacquiao won handily.

It must be noted that Reid and Pacquiao are not strangers. Pacquaio appeared with Reid at a campaign event in 2010 when the senator was fighting for his political life. Some credit Pacquiao's support as instrumental in pushing Reid over the top in his re-election bid.

Despite his assertion that Pacquiao had won the fight, Reid said it did not appear there was "anything untoward" about the decision.