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Best Pep Talk | Storytime with David Murphy | Rangers Live

- --about you, Murph.

- You know, I had numerous good ones over the course of the years, from either players or managers like Terry Francona, Ron Washington. For some reason, the two that stick out the most were in the minor leagues. One was in Triple-A. It was kind of a similar experience where I was just-- I was a new player, the team wasn't playing well, and the manager basically went off about how his job, when the team is not playing well, is to stop paychecks.

And I feel like I was cracking up inside with that one, but there was another one where about three or four games back into A-ball, with a week or so left to go in the season, we actually won the game. And we got chewed out after the game because we actually just eeked by, and won the game in the ninth inning. So he was not excited about our poor performance throughout the rest of the game. But I would say that it's the first time that I've ever been chewed out at the end of a game for winning.

- Talent is cheap. You ever heard that one?

- Yes.

- Yeah, he wanted your whole effort. I love it. Thanks, guys. We appreciate it. All right, starting pitching--