Alexi Lalas: Michael Bradley shouldn’t be part of USMNT’s qualifying bid

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Alexi Lalas discusses the U.S. men's national team calling up Michael Bradley on the State of the Union Podcast.

- Hello, people. It's Alexi Lalas. And welcome to the State of the Union podcast. We're going to be talking about Michael Bradley and his inclusion in the most recent US Men's National Team roster. My good friend, David [INAUDIBLE] will be here momentarily. But first, as always, my state of the union.


A national team is not a meritocracy. There is no formula that spits out 23 names, because a national team isn't the best 23 players. It's the best group of 23 players. It's a subjective opinion of human beings who pick who he or she feel will best help them win.

And when it comes to looking at a player's club performance, form is often fallacy. US Men's National Team Interim Coach Dave Sarachan. And I suppose newly appointed GM Ernie Stewart are the current humans that have called in veteran Captain Michael Bradley to the latest US camp.

When last we saw Bradley, he and his colleagues were architects of the single biggest failure in US soccer history, not qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. Now, even in the best of times, Michael Bradley is a lightning rod for differing opinions. Over the years, I have been a Bradley supporter. I still am. I have said that he could be world class.

And despite an abysmal season with Toronto, he still can be. But I don't believe he should be part of this next cycle. From a young age, Michael Bradley was given national team opportunities, even at the expense of others who may be, at the time, quote, unquote, "merited" those opportunities. Now it's time to do the same.

The US doesn't play a World Cup qualifier for at least two years. Michael Bradley will be 35 years old in 2022. It's not that Michael Bradley can't do the job. It's that, given the opportunity in time, maybe we can find someone who can do it better.