Mewis heads it in to give the USWNT an early lead vs. Panama | 2018 CONCACAF Women’s Championship

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Sam Mewis heads it in and gives the USWNT an early lead against Panama.

ANNOUNCER 1: --usually for the US and corners. She's not playing tonight, not starting. Got it down and off the bar and in. The US has struck first. Mewis. The last thing Panama wanted to do, concede early.

ANNOUNCER 2: Then off a set piece, nonetheless. This time it's Christen Press who just bend drives that one in towards the top of the six, and see how Mewis has the height advantage. You can see it there. And times it incredibly well. She just glances in front of her player, and then gets between those two defenders right at the six. And a nice snappy header glancing it into that far post.