Amerikaner Abroad Matchday 7 | 2018-19 Bundesliga Season

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Kate Abdo and Ian Joy discuss the performance of four US internationals in Bundesliga on match day 7. The FOX team focuses on Bobby Wood,Weston McKennie,Alfredo Morales, and John Brooks

KATE ADBO: Bobby Wood and Weston McKennie added their names to the Bundeslinga Scoring Chance on Matchday 7. We're going to take a closer look at their performances next on "Amerikaner Abroad". Hello, everyone. I'm Kate Abdo alongside Ian Joy.

Another eventful weekend for Americans in the Bundeslinga, wasn't it? Christian Pulisic sidelined at the moment for league-leaders Dortmund with a torn calf muscle. But four yanks saw the field this weekend, and leading the way was none other than your personal favorite, Ian, Bobby Wood.

IAN JOY: Yes. I have certainly criticized Mr. Bobby Wood for not taking advantage of his opportunity in the Bundesliga, and certainly not scoring enough goals. But he was the difference-maker for Hannover, and a fantastic win against Stuttgart. Got his two goals, and two headed goals. His first two headed goals in the Top Flight.

Of course, Weston McKennie got himself on the score sheet once again with his first Bundesliga goal. It's a nice weekend for the Americans abroad, because all of a sudden, Alfredo Morales, even though he was on the losing side, he was still a key performer for Dusseldorf. And John Brooks on the losing side once again, but had his opportunity to have an impact.

He had a shot over the top of the crossbar. It's been a pretty good going so far. Seven Matchdays in, and the Americans are having an impact.

- Certainly. Let's talk more about Bobby Wood for a minute. Last season, he scored just two goals for Hamburg, who were then relegated. He had been struggling early on for Hannover as well. Will this performance now be the key to him kind of kicking on and getting going, do you think? Could this change his season?

- I would hope so, and maybe I could stop criticizing him for doing it, exactly. But Bobby Wood is the type of player that needs confidence, Kate. He's not the type of player that's going to create opportunities for himself. So you have to create for him.

He's a player who has frustrated me in the past, and many supporters, of course, at Hamburg, which he took the team down. Now all of a sudden, he gets his chance once again at Hannover in the Top Flight. But look at his determination. This is what I love about Bobby Wood.

He has it in his locker. He the potential, but you've got to be able to do it when it matters most. And he certainly did it this weekend for Hannover. Great headed goal the first time around, and he matched it with a second header. Great goals.

- Let's talk about another goal-scorer. Weston McKennie also had plenty of reason to celebrate this week, didn't he?

- Yeah.

- The 20-year-old scored his first career Champions League goal on Wednesday. Three days later, he then gets his first career Bundeslinga goal. Both of them game-winners for [INAUDIBLE]. It doesn't get much better than that.

- It does not get much better than that, and Weston McKennie is a player that I think will continue to get better. And he's the type of player who's proved already he is resourceful, he can play multiple positions. But now he's a goal-scorer.

It's great to see him score in the Champions League, but this is the one that I was waiting for for quite a while. in the Bundeslinga, to have such of an impact, he is the player that you want to be able to put as one of the first names down on the team sheet. Not quite there just yet for Schalke, but this is the way to do it, creativity-wise.

Nice pass for Di Santo, first and foremost. This time around, puts himself in a position where he's sniffing, he's looking for that chance to get his goal. That was his first Bundeslinga goal. He took his chance when it arose, and this one was an unfortunate part of the performance and the weekend for him.

He picked up an ankle injury, which means now one to two weeks out. That would be a US Men's National Team nightmare, because now, all of a sudden, he's not going play against Colombia. Big loss for the US Men's National Team, but I think he's going to be OK. Maybe a little boo-boo.

- As you say, sidelined for one to two weeks, which means he does miss that-- those friendlies. On a happier note, though, with McKennie and Bobby Wood on-target this weekend, that means that all six Americans that have played in the Bundeslinga this season have also scored. Which one of them, though, has impressed you most, do you think? Can you pick one?

- It's a great question. And that stat that you just mentioned there, Kate, that all Americans who have played in the Bundeslinga are--

KATE ADBO: That's outstanding, actually, isn't it?

IAN JOY: That is outstanding, and it shows you the quality of American who's going over there. They're getting their chances, and when they're playing, they're taking their chances.


IAN JOY: Bobby Wood impressed me this weekend. That was fantastic to see. But overall, the big picture-- for me, it's always going to be Christian Pulisic, because he is the best American I have ever seen play. And he's playing on a Borussia Dortmund side now that is performing well. Even though he's injured this weekend, and it's not good to see him miss yet again another US Men's National Team camp, I still love when he plays. Every time he performs, I want to watch him play.

Weston McKennie's right up there. John Brooks has done well for Wolfsburg. They all deserve a lot of credit, so I applaud them all.

- Yeah. We've got this international break coming up, which you hate.

- I don't like it.

KATE ADBO: Apparently, you said before you don't like a week off football. Bundeslinga then returning in two weekends. These are the fixtures that we're going to be returning to.

John Brooks and Wolfsburg will challenge an out-of-sorts Bayern Munich on Saturday on FS1. I'm actually really looking forward to that one. Christian Pulisic hopes to return for Dortmund's tilt away to Stuttgart.

Weston McKennie could be back as well for Schalke as they take on high-flying Werder Bremen. And on Sunday, Fabian Johnson and Gladbach host Mainz. We're going to be back to recap all of the action. Until then, [NON-ENGLISH]


KATE ADBO: Cheers.