Rose Lavelle on the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup™ qualifying match versus Panama: ‘More goals, hopefully’

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midfielder Rose Lavelle talks with Alex Curry about United State's big win versus Mexico. Now the US looks ahead towards their upcoming game versus Panama.

- I'm Alex Curry, here at USA's team hotel alongside US mid-fielder, Rose Lavelle. Now Rose was a part of that dominating six-goal victory against Mexico last night. So Rose, what did your team do so well to have such a strong start to this tournament?

- Yeah, I think, definitely the early goal helped. I think when you're going against a five-back and a team that sits in, it can be easy to get frustrated. But thankfully, we got that early goal, I think.

We had a little bit of a slump after, but then I think in the second half, we kind of regrouped and came out unpressured and finished our chances. And it was awesome. It was fun to be a part of.

- It was fun to watch. Now looking ahead to Sunday, what can we expect to see against Panama?

- I think we're looking to do the same thing, just kind of attack, always be on our front foot and be aggressive, and put away more chances and more goals, hopefully, so--