Alfred Finnbogason casually scores a backheel goal for Augsburg | 2018-19 Bundesliga Highlights

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Augsburg's Finnbogason scores a nonchalant backheel against Frieburg.

Gregoritsch-- Schmid. Look at Gouweleeuw here. And a cross for Finnbogaon-- how about that? Alfred Finnbogason-- he's back in the Bundesliga and back in the goals. And you have to say that finish was utterly sumptuous. 2-0 Augsburg, and another assist for Jeffrey Gouweleeuw.

COMMENTATOR 2: Well did I say they were not a tiki-taka team? Well, let's have a look at that goal. Little one-twos, and then the center half bombing on. That's nicely done. And that's just a top-class finish. That's why you want him out on the pitch, even though he might not be 100% fit.

COMMENTATOR 1: Welcome back, Alfred Finnbogason. He was the scourge of Freiberg in this meeting last season.