90 in 90: Club Tijuana vs. Cruz Azul | 2018-19 Liga MX Highlights

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Watch 90 minutes of Club Tijuana vs. Cruz Azul in 90 seconds.

ANNOUNCER 1: This result. A victory today would see them finish the weekend two points clear of everybody else. The Xolos, they are looking to pick up their second victory this season. And it's a home slam kick-start for them.

Fall allowed. Bounces. Both players misjudging it. And now the arguments continue. Now another yellow card is shown. That's out-- again through. And another player going down. That appeals to some of the Xolos players. And it is a second yellow for Angulo, and he is off. What a big moment in the match this is.

Going to be the left-footed delivery. And the goalkeeper has to knock that one over. And well defended on that near post area. Another chance to serve it in.

The team further. Ball across. Will go towards the far post. Corona wasn't over the line.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's a goal.

ANNOUNCER 1: The goalkeeper thought he'd saved it. The assistant referee's flag has gone up. And it looks like the goal's been given. The players surrounding the officials. This you do not want to see. Lajud and Corona now getting involved.

ANNOUNCER 2: Good header. Corona makes the save. From that angle there it doesn't look it-- the entire ball cleared the line.

ANNOUNCER 1: That one looks very close.

ANNOUNCER 2: The entire ball needs to cross that line. Aldrete again over the ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: Delivering towards Flores. Gets his head to it. We have a leveler. Well you just knew Aldrete was going to be involved. Flores over the goalkeeper.

ANNOUNCER 2: Just gets his head on it, over the outstretched arms of Lajud, and into the back of the net

ANNOUNCER 1: Last week, Xolos were the benefactors of a lat goal to steal a point, down a man. Now they're the big [INAUDIBLE]. Lose this all-- this will feel like a win. That is the final action. It ends 1-1. Fair reflection of what we've seen?

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, for me it was just-- I thought Cruz was really the better team, even with 10 players. So I feel like it's a just result.