Sophia Smith scores incredible goal vs. Paraguay | 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup™ Highlights

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Striker Sophia breaks down Paraguay's defense to net the first goal of the match at the 2018 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup™.

[CHEERING] ANNOUNCER 1: Smith stays with it, this time into the box. Cuts it back! Sophia Smith, the leading scorer, puts Team USA up 1-0.



ANNOUNCER 2: Well, Sophia Smith, she is a game changer. She can combine, but she can also do it all on her own. She has the presence of mind to keep moving, find the space. And just look at the angle at which she's able to find the back of the net. Perfect technique. Lands on her shooting foot and just squeezes it into the near post past Ortiz. Great start for the United States.