Rose Lavelle ties the game against Brazil in the first half | HIGHLIGHT | 2018 TOURNAMENT OF NATIONS

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Rose Lavelle brings the USWNT level during the first half with a solid volley strike that made it past the goalkeeper.

ANALYST 1: Horan went short. Lavelle! Goal! 1-1!



ANALYST 2: Well, welcome back, Miss Rose Lavelle, the world missed you. Of course, it starts on this far side with a driven ball by Megan Rapinoe. Alex Morgan rises up. And then, Lindsey Horan has a lot of time to pick out Lavelle, who's just fading away from her defender. She wants the ball at her feet, initially. The ball goes over the top. She just holds her patient run. The top of the 18, and this one finds her in a pocket of space. That is not an easy finish. That ball rises up, and she has a clean strike on it. She isn't hasty with it. Little half bally there. That ball is barely moving as it tucks into that far post.