Can Holstein Kiel pull an upset in the 2nd leg against Wolfsburg?

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Ian Joy, Alexi Lalas and Jovan Kirovski discuss Holstein Kiel's chance in the 2nd leg against Wolfsburg.

- The Bundesliga relegation playoff match between Wolfsburg and Holstein Kiel just finished, first leg, 3-1 advantage to Wolfsburg, but Holstein Kiel, Alexi Lalas, had their chances.

- Well, I'm not going out on a limb here saying that, I've probably got a lot of people out there that have watched Holstein Kiel a whole lot. But they had opportunities. And whether it was the individual opportunities from Drexler and from Schindl-- Shindler. And even then when they had substitutions in for Seydel when he- when he came in. They created opportunities, and real clear cut opportunities. There gonna be looking back and saying, oh, my goodness.

But they're in it. They got that away goal. They bring them back to their own house. They possibly look up to the soccer gods who say, all right, here comes this magic moment, when you're going to get the goals that you need, everything's going to go your way. They're going to need a lot to go their way because they also have to keep the opposition off the scoreboard. That's gonna be difficult

- Is it enough, 3-1, though, for Wolfsburg. I mean, Bruno Labbadia looked quite happy with it.

- I think-- I think in the end it would-- it would be a good result. I think, going away, they're going to still score goals the way Malli played today was-- was great. Finally got a good performance out of him. Origi was good. He created a goal, set up a goal. I think there's confidence there, and I think they grab a goal away from home and take them through.

- They certainly looked like a different Wolfsburg. Did they look more confident?

- They did. But there is still pressure, because if all those stars align, and they go down, we talked about it before the game, the pressure and the financial significance and what could possibly happen, both sides from a negative standpoint if they go down, and then from Kiel's side if they go up, how it completely changes your business.

- It's always difficult. It is one of those small, little stadiums, those old stadiums. The field's terrible. We'll see what happens.

- Makes you feel a little old when you look at that small, lower league stadium in the German leagues. Thank you so much, today, guys. It was excellent. We've got the second leg for you right here on FS1. Can Holstein Kiel turn things around and upset Wolfsburg? Coverage starts at 2:00 PM eastern. You will not want to miss this one.