New York Red Bulls vs. New York City FC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch highlights between New York Red Bulls and New York City FC.

- Truly a six-pointer, as it seems to be every time these teams meet. NYC getting us underway, going from left to right.

Good spinning ball at the back for Callens to deal with, but deal with it he did. Bradley Wright-Phillips is onside here, and with a clear path to goal. Sean Johnson with the save, but the follow-up is in! It's Kaku!

What a start for the Red Bulls.

- --want to do to you. They want to high-press. They want to turn the ball over. So when the ball then turns over, they've got you outnumbered in your defensive third. That is Bradley Wright-Phillips. That is a player that's got 10 goals against you, and he's wide open, because that ball turns over, Sean Davis finds Bradley Wright-Phillips. And they overflow you with numbers coming forward. Kaku follows the play up. And as you look at our Target Goalpost--

- --seemingly the entire winter.

- But he was also the biggest topic of discussion after that defeat against Chivas Guadalajara conflict of Champions League, because four days later, he was in the lineup.

- Well, Kaku making things happen again, and that's a deflected shot! And it's 2! It gets better and better for the Red Bulls. Florian Valot is going to take the plaudits. It was the deflection that left Sean Johnson helpless, but it'll be Valot's goal.

- An absolute horrendous start from New York City. Slow to react. Slow to compete. Slow to get after it. And that's never been an issue for the New York Red Bulls since Jesse Marsch has been in charge. Great look forward from Kaku. Is it unlucky? Sure. But sometimes, you've got to create your luck. And in big rivalry games, you've got to press the issue.

- --six years in the Austrian Bundesliga. Oh, it's broken for Bradley Wright-Phillips. Is this 3? Well, it would have been, had it not been for really quick thinking and acting from Sean Johnson.

- --about Copa America, Adrian, in a nutshell, is because the Gold Cup is almost at the exact same time.

- Yeah, agreed. Davis, on to Kaku. He'll cause more mischief. Bradley Wright-Phillips! Oh, he has the right stuff again against New York City. He can't stop scoring against them. 3-0.

- One-, two-touch touch passing, bypassing lines, running circles around. How do you not put pressure on Kaku inside your own 18?

--and so was the game.

- And two enthralling, exciting South American young attacking players. Medina on the ball now, asking, optimistically, for a handball. A shot. It falls for Berget. And that was an important save from Robles. First clear-cut look at goal all half long.

- It's positive, the energy. When your star leading goalscorer is contagious, it spreads throughout the entire team.

- Here's another chance for them-- back off the bar. And Bezecourt, the substitute, with a chance to put home the rebound. Valot, it was, whose shot came back off the underside of the bar initially. And it still might break for Etienne. Around the keeper! It's 4!

- 10 different players have scored goals, to tie an MLS record, in the first seven games. What happens today?

- 4 goals, and a five-star performance on Cinco de Mayo for the Red Bulls. Second-biggest victory in the history of this rivalry, and it was never in any doubt, was it?