Lazio vs. Red Bull Salzburg | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch full first leg highlights between Lazio and Red Bull Salzburg.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lazio played host to Salzburg. An interesting tie, this one, in Italy.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, fascinating. Lazio, you expect, with their pedigree and Immobile and them type of players to go and really win this game comfortably, but Salzburg were a team that are resilient, and they hadn't lost a game. And I think Lazio got off to a perfect start, but again, it just shows you how good this team are.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, Salzburg kept going. Now, was an absolute penalty in the middle of your field. Right here, left elbow. Inzaghi was not very happy with it. He throws his hands up in disgust. And then one was put away, at which point, 1-1 for Salzburg. We're looking good with the away goal. But Lazio just kept on going. And they got penalty of their own.


VAR would have given us that one. Dr. Joe was on the line.

ANNOUNCER 2: Again, they've got the experience at home, and they know they've got to try and win this game. And good quality, good delivery, and a wonderful--

ANNOUNCER 3: You love that flick, don't you?

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, I do. I think it's improvises very well. It's cheeky, gets the goalkeeper by surprise, and they tuck it away, and then they keep going. That said, they've got the kind of side against them that they are strong enough to power through games, even though they come against a little bit of a problem. However, Lazio, they are a team that can go away and get a result.

ANNOUNCER 1: Salzburg just reached their limit at this level of the competition?

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, when the hit this, 2-2. I think it's more an example, too, then Lazio showing their quality. Watch this goal. Filipe Anderson just runs around like traffic cones, and passes that one home for 3-2. So this game was end-to-end, ever-changing-- lead shifts. The two goals from Salzburg would have had them feeling very good. And I think when you see the Immobile goal, you'll just see the passion that they had, and knowing that perhaps they weren't at their best, Lazio, defensively today, but to be able to produce 4 goals-- and this goal, watch the energy and the passion in the celebration with its Inzaghi. They just went over to their manager-- hugging, pushing. Yeah, go on, grab your coach. You'll be on the bench next game.