Orlando City SC vs. New York Red Bulls | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Orlando City SC and New York Red Bulls.

ANNOUNCER 1: Sutter only finds Rzatkowski. Again, the German opening out wide. Romera Gamarra to the back post. A header, it's in! Goal for the Red Bulls! Just like that, six minutes in and you hear the silence here in a Orlando City stadium.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, this is going to be a formidable cross from the youngster, product of Huracán, Gamarra. Yeah.

ANNOUNCER 1: Justin Meram from the left. Looking for a team mate at the back post. Will Johnson, yes! His 30th regular season MLS goal.

ANNOUNCER 3: Yeah, and [NON-ENGLISH] MLS in the pre-game show that we have for Univision, we heard of those counties.

ANNOUNCER 1: Etienne Jr. Inside of the box. This is 2-1, Etienne Jr.! Goal for the Red Bulls! Let's hear it. The young Haitian. A ball played in, and a nice finish, tucking it home. It's 2-1 New York.

ANNOUNCER 2: ANNOUNCER Red Bulls. This is going to be a great pass, played into space. Etienne will finish under the legs of Joe Benedict. Never able to get there was Yoshi, the Peruvian. Another dangerous flick to the near post. It's in! It's in! Dom Dwyer looked like he got that touch, and [INAUDIBLE] can't believe it! There it is, Dom! His sixth goal in eight regular season games against Red Bulls. He's got their number. 2-2. Can you believe it? What a game.

ANNOUNCER 3: It's a quick response. Now, Luis Robles is arguing, here, a foul from Don Dwyer. Kljestan was looking to get the ball back. He wasn't successful. Well-defended by Florian Valot that time. Going all the way to Dwyer. The shot, count it! Goal! Boots it inside, ladies and gentlemen! Orlando is up 3-2 on the Red Bulls.

ANNOUNCER 1: When was the last time you saw?

ANNOUNCER 2: Still on. Finds Colman. Wide open, Josué. He's in the box. Turns, goes back to Kljestan. This is it for Mueller! Wow, save by Luis Robles! Fantastic save by Robles!

ANNOUNCER 3: Robles is--

ANNOUNCER 2: You're up on the scoreline, and you give New York a set piece play.

ANNOUNCER 1: Brought in to the [INAUDIBLE]. The header, yes! Goal! The New York Red Bulls side has tied the match with about eight minutes to go, and yes-- Their first win coming in in week five. The opportunity still [INAUDIBLE]. Can have a shot! Oh! What a game.

- Oh, and it takes a deflection off Colman. Might he--

- Josué Colman. Number 10 from Orlando has impressed me.

- 95 minutes, 13 seconds. Jair Marrufo this one.