Carlos Vela scores a stunner for LAFC in L.A. derby | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Carlos Vela scores stunner in the first LA derby.

- Says Mark Geiger. Here's Marco Ureña. Scored the only goal as Costa Rica beat Scotland in the international break. Rossi trying to return it, took a deflection. Fell to the feet of Ureña. Needs some help, dropping it back off. And in the end, Feilhaber couldn't get it back out wide for Vela to knock in a second chance at it. Carlos Vela!


That's how you score the first goal between LAFC and the LA Galaxy.

- And it's the press from LAFC, yet again. Winning the ball, the fullback, Joao Moutinho. Coming up, stepping up, winning the ball. And this was not the game the LA Galaxy wanted to get into. But the options that LAFC have going forward, that front four have been a threat all game long. Now, Ashley Cole gives the ball away here, initially. Support pass to Boateng, there's no one there.

And then, this is all Carlos Vela. Stepped back and picked that one out of the net, David Bingham. What a strike, Carlos Vela. He wants it on the left foot. Boateng was actually the one who lost it, right there in the middle of the field. He comes back on the left. And that is an absolute screamer from Carlos Vela. My goodness, what a start.