TSG Hoffenheim vs. VfL Wolfsburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between TSG Hoffenheim and VfL Wolfsburg.

KATE ABDO: --Neckar Arena. Let's check in on the action from this one-- Hoffenheim hosting Wolfsburg. Hoffenheim on the move.

ANALYST 1: Yeah. Schultz gets the opening goal. Bad defending from Wolfsburg. And it certainly didn't help them. Hoffenheim needed 3 points today.

ANALYST 2: Yeah. Definitely, yeah. But what we said at halftime. It's a good save by the goalkeeper. But then he's on the right point, and he finished it up.

ANALYST 1: And then into the second half they go. This is a player who's on loan from Bayern Munich. And Serge Gnabry has got a massive future ahead of him. I love this kid. I think he's a great player.

ANALYST 2: Yeah. And he shows his talent. He shows us week in and week out that he's a good player and he's alone. And I think he want to prove people that he can to go back to Bayern.

ANALYST 1: And then another one. Joshua Guilavogui own goal this time for Wolfsburg, but 3-0 is a comfortable victory and a good one for Hoffenheim. That's a bad own goal, though.

MAN 1: Yeah that's-- that's a real bad one. And--