Tottenham Hotspur vs. Rochdale | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch highlights between Tottenham and Rochdale.

- A very eventful evening at Wembley, which started with the grasping green, and then it turned out being very white indeed. But the team in the white shirts though they'd put one up on Rochdale very early on. Lamela, it looked a good goal to every but the reviewer.

- Well there was two fouls, but the first one was made by McGahey. Look at him tugging the shirt of Llorente. Llorente then tugs his shirt back. But the first foul was by the defender, and I think the goal should have been allowed.

- Well it was all about Spurs trying to make the most of Rochdale's Wembley nerves. They did take the lead, Son who has had a barren spell recently. Tucked that away very well. The approach played was sharp, and that was the story of Tottenham, really, all night long.

- Lamela found a lot of space in between the midfield and defenders of Rochdale all night. He set up Son, who did everything right, just coming inside and bending it into that far corner.

- This was another incident that took some time to sort out. The onfield decision was a free kick outside the area, when the word came through from the VAR hub that it had carried on into the penalty area. Matty Done on Kieran Trippier.

- I think they got that right. It took them a long time to come to that decision. Done committed the foul and he still had his arm round Trippier as they run into the box.

- That's a moment of stopping there by Son Heung-min. Earned him a yellow card. And in the end, it cost him a hat trick tonight.

- The penalty doesn't get retaken, it's given as a goal kick. Players were racing into the box. Lots of players were in there so wouldn't have counted anyway. Had to be retaken if he'd have pulled that up.

- In the end all the debate was going on Rochdale snuck in and equalized. A loanee from Fulham, Stephen Humphrys with a great first touch and scored with some aplomb.

- Well they've got three players against to to start with. Trippier's trying to get back in there, but he can't do. Foyth doesn't see the run of Humphrys. The first touch is brilliant, and it just means that Vorm is out of position. He goes for him to take a straight touch, now he's out of position, he can't get back, what a goal goal that was from Humphrys. Or good finish should I say.

- And so close to going in at half time 2-1 up. This is Andy Cannon.

- He does all the right things by trying to hit it across the goalkeeper into that far corner. Picks the wrong side of the post. Doesn't go to a Rochdale player on the rebound.

- And suddenly the ball started to go to one Tottenham player in particular, Fernando Llorente.

- And when you think of Llorente scoring goals, it's not often when he's been played through and he's one V one against the goalkeeper. But it was the perfect pass to Lucas Moura. He had a good game. It was just level, I think. So the right decision. And the goalkeeper goes down a bit too early. It's an excellent finish from Llorente lifting it over the goalkeeper.

- That got him going, and also they were able to shrug off the intentions of Rochdale. They played so well in the first game and the first half here. It was Lucas Moura Llorente combination again. Although maybe not as intentional as the first one.

- Well they started to get tired mentally and physically Rochdale, and the ball is just poked in between their defenders. Lucas Moura, I think, is trying to play Eric Lamela in, but Llorente just pokes it before the winger could get there. And Son says, are we going to review this one? Well, they review all the goals.

- And then it became the first hat trick. Son got his mind back on the game, and Llorente said, thank you very much indeed.

- Well, that's what he's been known for over the years Llorente. Winning balls in the box from crosses, did it a lot for Swansea last year, and then staying up. He gets himself in between the defenders, the right wing back, Rafferty, didn't want to jump with him. Easy goal for the center forward,

- And Spurs didn't slacken off, and Lamela who had a very good game. Not all the decisions went his way, but he put that on a plate for Son's second. The key thing is Son is behind the ball when it's played. They're both onside there, and he picks out the perfect pass Eric Lamela. Son is behind the ball, so on side, and an easy finish. Good vision from Eric Lamela. Timing of the pass was perfect.

- And still time for a special moment for young Kyle Walker-Peters played through by Dele Alli. And the final margin, 6-1 to Spurs.

- What a great goal for the youngster. Just passes it beyond the goalkeeper. I think he may just have had his heel tapped just there. Doesn't matter. Counts to him His first goal.