Werder Bremen vs. Hamburg SV | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between Werder Bremen and Hamburg.

VOICEOVER: Not exactly a wild one, here in the Northern Derby. Werder-Bremen, taking on Hamburg. We go back to the first half. Bakery Jatta, the young teenager, trying to go find his way through for Hamburg.

Just before halftime, some fireworks-- the only fireworks in attacking sense of the word, that we saw in the first 45 minutes. And that would lead to a delayed end of the first half, as Felix Zwayer would oversee things.

We pick it up a bit later. On the 82nd, comes out wide here. Great chance for Eggestein, but it's held by Mathenia. Eggestein with a good look at it. Couldn't generate the power.

And then, on the 86th, come out here, and well-won by Bargfrede. Sets it up for Aron Johannsson, who came off the bench. The question is, is Belfodil-- the Werder-Bremen player-- offside?

The touch comes in from the Hamburg defender, but clearly Belfodil, interfering in the run of play, in the sight line. Despite the touch from the defender, it's not sent to VAR. Controversy, controversy, controversy.