Sandro Wagner heads in the equalizer vs. Wolfsburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Sandro Wagner scores to make it 1-1 for Bayern against Wolfsburg.

- Running Robin, Robin, this time gets the better of [INAUDIBLE], gets across him in his right foot. Wagner with the header. He thrives on those kind of deliveries, and he's delivered here, 1-1!

- Keith, this all starts with Mueller. Mueller comes in the game. He spoke about it earlier intelligent, terrific play in midfield to provide that space. And he gets the ball. Look at this churn. Beats his defender. And a great ball into Robin, who does everything. 1 v 1. This is the situation you want him in. And he shows his pace, terrific. And a great ball in. And Wagner, there it is. Decisive moment. Strong, terrific header. As a center forward, these kind of games are so [INAUDIBLE]. But these are the moments. And he provides it there with a terrific goal.

- And the emotion showing as well for Sandro Wagner. You can see exactly what it means to him to get the goal. Celebrated with the fans. Six Bundesliga goals. Second since his return for Bayern Munich. He points to the crest.