Astana vs. Sporting CP | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch first leg highlights between Astana and Sporting CP.

SPORTSCASTER 1: One final highlight to bring you. It is this one, Astana at home against Sporting.

SPORTSCASTER 2: The Portuguese switched off for the first moments. Wonderful touch. Excellent finish. But once they got back into the game, Sporting, I thought it was outstanding, actually.

SPORTSCASTER 3: We just felt, towards the end of the first half, Sporting started to turn the dial a little bit. Got back in it. You see there, that was the handball.

And up steps Fernandez, and good penalty. He sends the keeper the wrong way.

SPORTSCASTER 2: I thought they showed their class. They're just coming out in the Champions League. They was in a tough group with Juventus and Marseille, but they was excellent on this left-hand side. Look at that!


SPORTSCASTER 2: You're not going there are you? Surely.

SPORTSCASTER 3: And into the back post, finishes it off.

SPORTSCASTER 2: His reputation's going getting bigger and bigger. He also is a good player.

SPORTSCASTER 3: And Fernandez yet again, down this left channel. Lovely little cut back.

SPORTSCASTER 2: That one, he scores goals as well.