Erik Lamela doubles Tottenham’s lead against Newport County | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Erik Lamela extends Tottenham's lead to 2-0 over Newport County.

ANNOUNCER 1: Nicely weighted ball, and here comes Son again at speed. Lamela-- two. Erik Lamela. Well, the first goal rather literally blew touch paper, and the fireworks are starting to come now from Spurs.

ANNOUNCER 2: And again, it's that man, Son, and his ability to run at defenders. Very direct when he picks it up in a minute, there. All of a sudden there's panic. Every right to be as well.

Good first touch, and second sets himself up beautifully. And it's a decent finish. There, good first touch, good second. Doesn't panic, keeps his calm. It's all about Son again.

He backs defenders into the box, and you've got to try and face him up outside the box. Don't let him do that. But there's the finish. Goes across the goalkeeper.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's a nice moment for Lamela, because it's his first goal back.