Wigan Athletic vs. West Ham United | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Wigan Athletic and West Ham United.

- Today against Wigan. Let's take a look at the highlights from this one.

- Sensational delivery. Moving on and International tucks it in at the far post. Unmarked, West Ham wasn't really at the races. They didn't really fancy playing at this stadium, the pitch. David Moyes will be disappointed, because they have been doing very well recently. There's Chicharito trying to get a [INAUDIBLE] far post.

- He's screaming at the far post, and then he only gets a half chance here. Back out.

- It goes high and wide after his experience in the Bundesliga. You come back a stronger, better player. I don't know about stronger and better. [INAUDIBLE] was here. He don't like that.

- What happens there? An insult or a spit? I missed it. Can you tell me? I didn't see.

- It was a spit, he spat. [INAUDIBLE]

- I couldn't see on the screen.

- It's early morning. We don't when people are eating at this time.

- That's the worst thing you can do in a game.


- Absolutely.