Fleetwood Town vs. Leicester City | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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Watch full FA Cup Round 3 highlights between Fleetwood Town and Leicester City.

- 2016 Premier League winners Leicester traveled to Fleetwoods in today's earlier game. Jamie [INAUDIBLE] not in the lineup for this one against his former club due to a groin injury. Leicester, a bit of a miscommunication here?

- Miscommunication, and it also should have been whistled as an indirect free kick, because this is an intentional back pass clearly. You can see what he's trying to do. Goalkeeper's scrambling. You are not allowed to handle by the rules of the game, and intentional back pass, which this is. And nobody appealed for it from the Fleetwood side. The referee just got on with it in the corner kick. And that was the closest we came to a goal. Until later on.

- Yeah, and great credit to Fleetwood. They kept in the game. They kept themselves compact. They caused threats as the game went on. And again, from here, it could have been handled with a referee in that position. But they've desperately [INAUDIBLE]. But again, there's no call for a penalty, and they kept on plugging away.

- Ever so close here.

- Yeah.

- How's your luck? Comes cannoning off the post. Straight into the goalkeeper's arms. That was almost the romance for him. Almost the romance.

- So there you go.