Italy eliminated from World Cup for first time since 1958 | World Cup Qualifying Highlights

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Watch highlights between Italy and Sweden.

KATE ABDO: [INAUDIBLE] bring you full match highlights from the San Siro.

It was a hotly contested one, plenty of controversy. First controversy not even 10 minutes into the game.

JOVAN KIROVSKI: Yeah, Parolo just gets his foot to the ball. I mean, that's-- that's a penalty. And there would be more moments from that man in the middle, making himself a part of the story.

KATE ABDO: A physical edge to this game as well.

WARREN BARTON: Yeah, Chiellini's just picked up a yellow card, moments beforehand he does it and he could quite easily have been sent off. Later in the game, he throws an elbow.

The big story was the referee. Because he made big calls or left big calls, because this is a handball. There's no doubt. Look, watch his reaction here. Why on earth then, are you putting the whistle-- there it is, clear handball. And then watch the reaction of the referee, putting the whistle to his mouth. Unless you're going to blow the whistle and you've seen something wrong, you wouldn't do that. Correct?

KATE ABDO: You said it, Warren.

Italy with a great chance here.

JOVAN KIROVSKI: Wobbly across the box here, and uh! Oh goodness.

WARREN BARTON: I can't really remember, did the keeper ever make--


WARREN BARTON: --any wonderful saves. You know, they-- the way that they defended it's all long shots.

JOVAN KIROVSKI: Sweden is obviously very compact, you can see the proof, uh-- possession.

And here's another one. There's another one. That's another handball, it's another penalty for me. I mean, you're deliberately going into areas-- danger areas-- with your arms out, why? And you're risking it. No penalty, but yellow cards for dissent.

WARREN BARTON: What's this one? I mean, how is that not a penalty? He put his knee into his stomach. Darmian. It's-- again-- it's just poor refereeing, but for Sweden they defended with their lives, and they kind of--

KATE ABDO: Was this the best chance for Italy?

WARREN BARTON: Yeah I think it was. I mean, and this is-- would've been a wonderful strike, but-- again-- the keeper's had it covered. But it was more with hope than real quality. That had he done well, to have [INAUDIBLE]. He's not really tested the goalkeeper, the substitutions didn't really make an impact when they come on. Coach has not made an impact. This is why.

JOVAN KIROVSKI: Sheesh! I mean, how that man stayed on the field. Another elbow. Play on.

KATE ABDO: Trying to sneak one in, weren't they?

JOVAN KIROVSKI: Yeah, they were throwing everything at the end. Free kicks, Buffon coming up from the back, willing them on from the sideline. But no.

WARREN BARTON: The fallout from this is gonna be for the players. They'll start-- will they look at the youth policy, will they look at their coaches there? To look deep inside, because that wasn't good enough.

Great credit to Sweden. You know, the way they went about their business for that country to-- population to go to a World Cup. Quite magnificent.