Stu Holden weighs in on Detroit’s MLS expansion bid using an NFL stadium

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Stuart Holden and JP Dellacamera discuss Detroit's choice to shift to a multi-use stadium bid.

- We are going to talk about expansion. Who wants to talk about expansion? They're going to pick two teams in December for the future. What are we hearing about Detroit?

- Well, Detroit made a big announcement just earlier today about their bid and how it has changed. It's been amended now to include the Ford family, which Detroit Lions and the Ford Stadium and Ford Field-- and they're saying that they're no longer want to have their own soccer specific stadium where the city, if Detroit had cleared the way for a deal to be moved, and for the $1 billion development of commercial along with a soccer specific stadium. And now they want to play in a football field, citing that multi-use stadiums they have seen success with. Well, they have.

And I think he's referring to Atlanta United. In fact, I know they're talking about Atlanta United. I can also give you an example in the New England Revolution where we have not seen success in multi-use stadiums. And in fact, this should not be the norm. We should not be encouraging or wanting teams in Major League Soccer that are using stadiums like NFL stadiums to use-- to have for their soccer team.

Now what Atlanta has done has been amazing, but that should not be the blueprint for going forward. And Major League Soccer did come out and made a statement saying that they are still prioritizing soccer specific bids going forward, which I think is the right thing. Because I don't always like seeing soccer played on turf when there's lines and there's football lanes. And I know nobody else does.

So as we go through this process, yes, Detroit have status quo in their order, including an NFL owner and now two NBA owners, but I think they have hurt their bid chances with Major League Soccer by including the fact that they want to now pivot and play in an NFL stadium.