WATCH: Andy Green following Padres 5-4 loss

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Andy Green reacts to Padres loss in 12 innings

- Yeah. It's a tough one for us, and Robbie threw the ball well. Some things like the Franmil's at-bats were really good. A couple of big hits for us-- Wil late in the game for the double, and then Franmil driving him in. You know, we gave some runs away on the defensive side of the baseball, and it's tough.

We've played relatively clean defense for a while now and didn't really do that today. So we had a lot of guys, you know, get stretched, get put in positions that were good for them-- for the future, too. Trey Wingenter coming in in that crucial situation and getting a 1-2-3 inning-- just one of those tough games that slipped away late.

REPORTER: Good to see Robbie work out of some jams and pitch over some mistakes behind tonight.

- Yeah. Robbie was solid for the last time out this year. I mean, he gave us five strong innings, gave us the opportunity to win the game. [INAUDIBLE] have been maybe one earned run from him today on the home run. And outside of that, I-- you really can't ask for much more from him. He was very good.

REPORTER: Franmil Reyes, it just seems like he's doing such a great job of staying inside the ball right now and using the entire field. Is that part of his growth as a hitter?

- Yeah. He's hit the ball all over the field. He'll hit it pole side. He'll hit it the other way. Even when you throw batting practice to him, he hits the ball where it's pitched, and I-- that's what you see in a lot of really good hitters. He hits it hard where it's pitched, and, I mean, he's getting hits from line to line right now. And, you know, I know the base-running thing's going to stay with him a little bit here after this game. But he's still doing a lot of really, really good things on the baseball field.

REPORTER: The second time just recently that a runner's been hit by a ball. Is it just one of those inexcusable things, from a baserunning standpoint?

- Yeah. It's a tough one. I know it's going to eat at him all night long. He wants to win. You can see the passion on him when he's out there on the field, and he's playing the game to win. And one of those things. I guess, it just clipped his heel a little bit. It was hard to even see from our angle. We just thought it got through. So definitely a frustrating way to go down.

REPORTER: What's your vantage point on that last ground ball? Was that playable?

- A slow ground ball-- kind of just didn't really get in position to field it, and it got by him. I mean, he's got a chance to glove that and wasn't able to glove it. And the ball was definitely hit very, very hard. It's not an easy play, but one that, you know, if you can stay down on it, you get a chance to make the play.

REPORTER: So inexperience at third base there maybe or just-- just kind of the situation.

- Yeah. It's-- you want to make the play. I mean, I know he wants to make the play. It's just like you got to get down in on that one. There's not really much else on it.

REPORTER: What's impressed you the most about Robbie's season and the way he's kind of come back after missing almost two years?

- He's been versatile and succeeded in a lot of different capacities for us. He's been situational. He's been the long guy. He's in-- eaten an inning at a time. He's pitched as a starter. And he's adjusted as a starter, especially here late, to give us, you know, five quality innings the last few times out. So he goes into the offseason kind of knowing he's pitched his way onto the team. And then in what role-- we'll figure it out in spring training.

REPORTER: I was gonna say, what does that do for him going forward, in-- in-- in terms of being a-- a guy for this roster, all the roles that he can fill?

- Yeah. He's valuable for us and his leadership is, too. He goes about his business the right way. It's kind of crazy that he's become one of the older guys on the team right now. But he's got some experience, and he does things right. And he works incredibly hard, and his mind works. And those type of guys get better and better, and so we're expecting him to continue to do that.

REPORTER: Did you consider walking Bumgarner?

- No. No. I-- then to create a first and third for him? No. I-- I-- I-- I know he can hit. We all know he can hit, but so can the guys behind him there, flipping the order back over at the top. So never an intention to walk him, but there's definitely respect for his bat.