Hardwick and Richards: Terrell Owens skipping the HOF induction is a ‘money grab’

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Hardwick and Richards: T.O. skipping the HOF induction is a 'money grab'

- Let's get into this TO garbage. You can't call it anything else but garbage. So TO-- Terrell Owens-- Terrell? How do you say it?

- Terrell.

- Terrell Owens,

- Yeah.

- I want to call him to Tarrell Owens-- declined his invitation to the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and here's the statement that this joker released.

"While I'm so grateful for all the--"

JUDSON RICHARDS: You're going to read the whole thing?

NICK HARDWICK: I'm going to give part of it. "I am incredibly appreciate it of this opportunity. I made the decision to publicly decline my invitation to attend the induction ceremony in Canton. I have already shared this information with the Hall. After visiting Canton earlier this year, I came to the realization that I wish to celebrate what will be one of the most memorable days of my life elsewhere. At a later date, I will announce where and when I will celebrate my induction."

That makes no sense. Can you help me? Can-- you got an idea what in the hell is this guy doing? He cried for years about not making it into the Hall of Fame, and he goes on to say, I wished-- "I came to the realization that I wish to celebrate what will be one of the most memorable days of my life elsewhere."

What? Somebody give this guy a mental health checkup. Can you help me? What is he doing here? He needs help, but you help me.

- Well, if you want to learn a little bit more about TO, go and-- go back and watch him on "Dr. Phil." I feel like that tells us plenty. But one of the things that has come to light about TO is he has somewhat famously broke, or at least we know that some time ago, he ran out all of his money. Child support, he's got a number of children with multiple women. We know that'll do it, among other things if you've got a poor spending habits.

So, one line jumped out to me the most about this. "At a later date, I will announce where and when I will celebrate my induction." This is where whoever his manager or agent may be where they go looking for the most amount of money, and think about how you could monetize this. You could try to have a television company, try to do it live about where you are to get your reaction maybe to combat it. We know how popular the NFL is.

NICK HARDWICK: He's going, what, YouTube TV or something of that sort?

JUDSON RICHARDS: Nick, this statement, you know what this statement should say? It should say three words-- open for business. This is TO asking people to be creative about how he can monetize this. Maybe it simply is just watch-- watch the Hall of Fame with TO, an induction member. Selling seats. $10,000, $15,000 a seat to hang out with TO, to be part of the NFL? People are crazy now.

- Ain't nobody wanna hang out with TO but his family and the three friends that he's got.

JUDSON RICHARDS: Well, don't tell TO that, because right now, he's open for business.

- I feel bad for TO. I'm not even mad at him. All the years that--

- Eh, you may be a little mad.

- I'm not mad, I'm really not mad. I'm con--

- More disappointed?

- I'm seriously concerned for him. Who-- who does this?

- Well, this is the most TO thing ever. This is why TO was kept out, because of being a terrible teammate. Because of going against the grain, if you will. This is TO--

- I wish--

- This is TO doing crunches in his driveway.

- "I wish to celebrate what will be one of the most memorable days of my life elsewhere." That is so contradictory.

JUDSON RICHARDS: It's pretty funny.

- It's going to be one of the most memorable days of his life in a really bad way. I imagine when he realizes that the Hall of Fame's going on and he's sitting at a Dave & Busters in Dallas or wherever the hell TO lives, he's going to be looking at his watch and going, I've blown it again. I've done it once again. I have just snubbed myself.

He hasn't been getting snubbed by the Hall of Fame, he's been snubbing himself for years, by his actions, by his behavior, by the way he speaks. The guy's a hot mess. He's a hot flaming mess sitting on somebody's front porch.

- How should the Hall of Fame handle him not being there? How much attention should they give him? Do you still have someone-- do you still have someone speak on his behalf?

NICK HARDWICK: No, absolutely not. No, I don't-- I-- I may throw his picture up before everybody is-- everybody else. Put it on the screen with the projector and be like, there's Terrell Owens. Moving on. OK, coming up next, Brian Urlacher. And I would just blow past TO, I wouldn't-- he would not have a bust in the Hall of Fame for me if he's too good to come to the induction ceremony and he's going to use this as a money play.

By the way, if it's a money play, really short-sighted money play from TO. Because everyone's looking at TO's character and going, this is the one chance now you've got, dude, to transcend where you were and become something greater, and you've blown that too. You've become now the butt of jokes for the rest of your life.

JUDSON RICHARDS: You know TO reminds me of?

NICK HARDWICK: It's too bad.

- You know who TO reminds me of? Jose Canseco.

NICK HARDWICK: There you go. Good one!

- Jose Canseco tried to wring every single dollar out of his fame, including, you could pay to go to his house and have a barbecue with him for $1,250. He wrote a book by throwing everyone under the bus just to make some money. TO to me is trying to monetize his celebrity status and his fame in the NFL. When TO was inducted, this wasn't-- in my opinion, this wasn't TO recognizing that people are celebrating his greatness, this is TO perhaps elongating more money to be made. This was, you know, this was just another chance for him-- for him to charge more for an autograph because thye announced his Hall of Fame.

Read Ryan Leaf's response to this.

NICK HARDWICK: "Yo, TO, coming from this guy and I assume anyone who didn't succeed in the NFL, which was our dream, don't do this. This is petty and resentful and you'll regret it the rest of your life. Be accountable, humble yourself, recant this absurd statement, and graciously accept."

If he does that, seriously, if TO does that, if he recants his statement and graciously accepts, I will graciously accept him. Until then--

JUDSON RICHARDS: Well he may do that if he's not getting the money that he wants for it. He may decide to go. For right now he's open for business.

- That reeks.

JUDSON RICHARDS: I liked what Ryan said, because Ryan said, "coming from this guy."

NICK HARDWICK: Coming-- "Yo, TO!" OK, he's saying, "Yo, TO!"

JUDSON RICHARDS: "Coming from this guy."

- "Coming from this guy." Come on, TO. This is too bad. This is really too bad. This is how five-year-olds behave.

JUDSON RICHARDS: This is more--

- I wanna be invited--

JUDSON RICHARDS: --crunches in his driveway.

- He wants to get invited to a party, he gets invited and then he turns it down. He only wants to be invited so he turns it down. But this is the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


What a shame.