Raffy Lopez: ‘We really enjoy winning’

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Raffy Lopez: 'We really enjoy winning'

- A career high three hits tonight, one of those a home run. What kind of work have you been putting in behind the scenes to be so comfortable at the plate right now?

- Yeah. Just working on directional is a real big thing. It's definitely getting kind of, I wouldn't say pull happy, but my body was leaning pullside. So really been working on it the past like week, two weeks, just changing up how my lower body's working and really just trying to stay through the ball and keep my direction through centerfield.

INTERVIEWER: Big fifth inning for you guys. Who batted around the order. What did it mean to you to get so many guys in on that and how did that inning feel?

- It was really awesome. All the guys kind of clicking. And if we can keep doing that with the way we're pitching and our bullpen, things could get interesting, let's put it that way.

INTERVIEWER: Your pitcher tonight., Clayton went seven innings. Only allowed three runs. What was your approach with him tonight, and how do you think he did? He's been a workhorse all season.

- Yeah. Clayton, you know, he's always prepared. He's always working, you know, his butt off. And, you know, similar gameplan as a lot of teams that we've had, and it's really just trying to pitch to his strengths, and then mix in a couple other things just to see if we can make his game that much better.

INTERVIEWER: What can he say about you guys? You're playing some good baseball right now. What's the vibe in the clubhouse, and what's clicking right now?

- We really enjoy winning. So we have a lot of fun after our wins, and, you know, we just love that feeling, and we're just trying to keep it going.

INTERVIEWER: Very good, Raffy. Thank you so much. Enjoy the win.

- Thank you.