Andy Green comments on the 4-1 loss to the Dodgers to open up the series

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Andy Green comments on the 4-1 loss to the Dodgers to open up the series

- After the first three batters he was pretty good. It looked like it took a while to settle in. Missing pitches in to Justin Turner. And then Kemp got up on that high fastball.

After you get past those first three batters, he was good. Damage was already kind of done at that point in time. But we didn't do enough offensively against Stripling to even win a baseball game anyway. So for me, you know, Clayton it goes you give three runs off the first three hitters you face, and then you get through six innings. Like, he gave us a chance after that.

INTERVIEWER: Was the challenge the fastball and the glove side, basically, to the right handers early on?

- On those first two hitters, I think, more than anything. I think he, probably hindsight, would have like to have thrown a slider to Kemp. But, you know, he felt like he got up on a pretty decent pitch. Outside of that, Justin Turner got in on a couple of times and then kept missing that spot the rest of the at-bat. And settled in nicely after that.

INTERVIEWER: As far as the offense, when you had opportunities in the first and the fourth inning to get something done against Stripling. Was he just too tough tonight? Or not the at-bats that you want to see in those situations? What happened?

- Yeah, we had the first and third situation with Francy up in the first inning. And trying to draw first blood. Like the opportunity was there for us. And rolled over a ground ball on the cutter in. And after that, you know, had his curveball working. And he's kind of a guy, to us, like you got to get on early in the count. He's not walking anybody. And we didn't do that. The pitches we got early in the count to hit we fouled off continuously. Let him keep getting two strike counts against us.

INTERVIEWER: He did a pretty nice job, also, complementing the four seam fastball with the curveball, and also cutters and change. Just a nice effort on his part, using his whole repertoire against you.

- Yeah, he's got good stuff. The curveball's a really good finish pitch. Especially if you can kind of table it for a while and go fastball cutter at the beginning of an at bat and save it until two strikes. So his mix was good today. And he threw the ball well.

INTERVIEWER: Is there something with the [INAUDIBLE] sinker that sometimes he kind of has these starts where it might take him a few batters to find it. And then when he does he can kind of take off?

- Yeah. I don't really feel like the first inning's been, like, overly tough for Clayton this year. But for me kind of the main issue is like today was different to me. Sometimes it's search for the sinker. Today was like he was trying to angle in heaters on guys, and he missed the first couple of batters.

After he got past those first couple batters, he kind of bounced back and forth to both sides of the plate. Kind of mixed a little differently than he normally does. But I felt today was different than the other days, as much as he was trying to come inside early.

INTERVIEWER: Another question. The two guys you used out of the bullpen, could go again on Sunday.

- Yeah, without a doubt. They're well-rested.

INTERVIEWER: Right. Was getting those two guys that was that a balance perk, because it could have gone, since they hadn't worked in a long time, just to get them in?

- Yeah, they-- Cimber especially needed to pitch. It was kind of, the last seven days on the road different circumstances kind of kept him out of the game. And I have a ton of confidence in him. He's throwing the ball well. Maki's last couple times out have been good, as well.

INTERVIEWER: You've spoken about Pirela and how you believe in him. And you think it will take off. And it does seem he's had a few nights like this recently. Power's still not there. But what are you seeing out of him?

- He squared up some baseballs. He competes in his at-bats. There's some grind to him. There's power there, which is a crazy thing when you look up this late in the season and he doesn't have a home run at this point in time. But drove some baseballs today. Hit some hard. He squares up baseball and plays relentlessly. Good things are going to happen with him.

INTERVIEWER: Because he plays that way, and there's always a threat that he's going to get on base. As long as, like, it's like a no-brainer for you that he's in that lineup everyday?

- He's in there very consistently for us, for sure. He makes it hard to take him out. And I know, like, some of the results haven't been there from the power or the slug production. But, you know, he's getting on base relatively well. And he brings some big things to the table for us, and just an energy and the way he goes about playing.

INTERVIEWER: [INAUDIBLE] Matt Kemp to you this year, in terms of [INAUDIBLE]

- He looks good right now, obviously. He's had a very nice start to the season. And now he's done some nice things. You can tell he's worked very hard.

INTERVIEWER: Why do you think you guys were struggling with him?

- I don't think we're the only team that's had difficulty getting him out this year. You know, it's-- you know, he's hit different pitches. I think one thing's pretty obvious, he's always hit left-handed pitching, and we have a lot of left-handed starters. So I think that's probably, like, an easy parallel right there.