Minnesota Lynx: Beyond Basketball – Episode 2 – Sylvia Fowles

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Minnesota Lynx star Sylvia Fowles discusses her passion for mortuary science.


- One thing outside of basketball that I'm most passionate about is mortuary science. When I was five, my grandmother passed away. And my older siblings and cousins thought it was a good idea to give her a last kiss. But me being the allergenic baby that I am, I had an allergic reaction to the embalming fluid. And my lips itched swelled up. And, at that age, I always felt like they did something wrong. So that what sparked my interest of wanting to do it right and make people happy. So here I am today.

I think it's a tough time for people to have to deal with death. And if I can do the little things by doing the proper makeup, making sure they look nice, in their casket or at their service, I think it will make the families more happy. So I'm all about pleasing. My life is pretty much the same. I think I creep people out. I think I spark their interest of wanting to talk. I can just speak from first-hand examples with my teammates. They always want to know what it is this? What is that? How does this work? How does that work?

So, for the most part, I think I get more talked about. And people who are willing to know what's really going on or am I creeped out about working with the bodies or what do I actually do to embalm and stuff like that. But other than that, I like it. I like the nitty gritty. I like to see the blood. I like to see the organs and all that good stuff. But you definitely have to pay attention to detail, just like you have to do in basketball. You got to know your go-to's when something's not going right. So I definitely can say that it works hand-in-hand with basketball.