Twins Final Pitch: Morneau looked forward to Brewers series

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On today's Twins Final Pitch, Justin Morneau previews Minnesota's matchup with Milwaukee and says he always circled their border battle with the Brewers on the calendar.

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TOM HANNEMAN: With Justin Morneau, Tom Hanneman, back in a Twins final pitch, following a St. Louis 7-5 win over Minnesota this afternoon, to split this two game series. But overall, the Twins did take 3 out of 4 against St. Louis, a team that is at the top of their division, along with Milwaukee-- just a bit back-- but a good season series against the Cardinals.

- It is, and that's a good baseball team there. You have to really always look for the positives as a player because 3 out of 10-- that means you're getting out 7 out of 10 times. And there's a lot of negatives that can happen in this game and you can get caught up in. And they did a great job of going into St. Louis, winning two ballgames there, winning the first one here. Unfortunately it didn't go very well for Lance Lynn today-- put a little extra pressure on the bullpen, guys got overused. Good thing there's a day off tomorrow. And then, take the positives, look forward to the weekend series. It's going to be a fun weekend.

- Lance Lynn drops to 1 in 4 with a loss on the season today, as we look at the final numbers. Cardinals, 2 runs, 8 hits in the first three games against the Twins. They hit 7 in 13 this afternoon. Meanwhile, Twins manager, Paul Molitor reviewed Lance Lynn's start today.

- First hitter made-- if I can remember-- a pretty good pitch on 2-2 that might have ran in a hair off the plate, and ran it full before Fam got a hit. So just one of those things where some of them were decent pitches, just off, and couldn't finish guys enough or consistently. He's still getting some swings and misses, but the command is a little bit off. And that's what's running the pitch count up.

TOM HANNEMAN: Twins have an off day tomorrow before the Brewers, the Brew Crew, comes to town for a three game weekend series-- Gibson, Romero, and Odorizzi, the probable starters for the Twins. We always look forward to the invasion of Brewers fans here at Target Field.

- And this was one of the ones that I circled on my calendar early in the year. I'd get the schedule. I'd see who we're playing when we go to Yankee Stadium, when we go to Fenway, and when we're playing the Brewers, because the energy in the ballpark is different. You've got that real battle, that cross border battle. There's some extra excitement. And when we went there, it was half full of Twins fans, and they come here, it's half full of Brewers fans. And you want to silence the other team's fans as early as you can. And there's some great pitching matchups this weekend. There's a lot to look forward to.

- Hope you'll join us, 6:30 Friday night for Twins live at game one. Twins and Brewers, here at Target Field this weekend.