Jamie McMurray barrel rolls during final practice at Talladega

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Jamie McMurray flips atop Ryan Newman after popping a tire, before rolling down the straightaway at Talladega.

[ENGINES RUNNING] NARRATOR 1: Look at McMurray. He has a big run-- Oh! It's spinning! That was McMurray. Man, that thing is flipping, rolling-- That car is junk.

NARRATOR 2: You got that right. Well, I just hope he's all right, right there.

NARRATOR 1: He had been incredibly fast. He got a huge run off turn 2, caught a pack of cars, made a quick move, and ended up in the fence.

NARRATOR 2: Mike, it really wouldn't surprise me to see some kind of-- maybe, adjustment on the speeds here, because the cars are really, really fast.

MIKE: Yeah, that happened way too easy.

NARRATOR 1: And he's climbed out. Jamie McMurray is out of the car. Thank goodness.

NARRATOR 2: Crew members are all standing around at 13, one of our faster cars. There's McMurray, out of the car.

NARRATOR 1: All right, let's see what happened here, as McMurray had a big run coming off 2.

MIKE: See the 31 of Newman with a pretty good run. No, he maybe cut a tire.

NARRATOR 2: Something happened to that car. It just went around all by itself on the straightaway.

MIKE: And see, what really sent that car over was when Newman hit him on the left side. It lifted the right side up and caught air.

NARRATOR 1: Yeah. Now look at that car coming apart against the fence.

NARRATOR 2: It just disintegrates.

MIKE: I mean, everything did its job of what it's designed to do. The fence kept the car on the racetrack. The car stayed intact.

NARRATOR 2: Watch this car now. It's just gonna to turn all by itself. Right there.

MIKE: On the left rear. The left rear tire.

NARRATOR 2: Yeah. Right over the top of Newman's car.

NARRATOR 1: Yeah. Newman and Ty Dillon, both with a good bit of damage.

NARRATOR 2: And Mike, the two fastest cars, the 1 and the 13, were both involved in that accident.

NARRATOR 1: That's right.

- Well, and the best news, Mike, is to see Jamie McMurray walk out of the care center after that incident. What's going through your mind at over 200 miles an hour when you realize there's a problem?

- Well, I think I blew a left rear tire out. And you know, when you're going that fast and you get turned sideways, you kind of know someone's gonna hit you.

But it's crazy, like how quiet the car gets. And I've been racing forever, and I've never done the roll like that before. And I just kept my eyes closed. I'm not gonna lie. Because I didn't really wanna see what was gonna happen.

I opened my eyes a couple of times. But you can't tell what's up. And you can't really tell where to brace yourself. And I just, in my mind was like, I just hope it lands on the upright so that I can get out.

That's a huge fear out there, as a driver, is to have the car land upside down and be on fire. Because you're so disoriented trying to get out upside down. That's hard. And so, I was just thankful that it landed right side up.

INTERVIEWER: You just saw the replay for the first time. As you watched the replay, what's going through your mind?

JAMIE MCMURRAY: I mean, just kind of watching how many times it's tumbling, right. I think as a race car driver, those are the worst positions to get put in. When you blow a right front tire, and you see the wall coming, you kind of know how those impacts are gonna be. You know how to brace yourself.

When it's tumbling, you can't tell where the impact is gonna come from. You also don't know when it stops, is there gonna be more cars coming. I don't know how many cars were out there, but felt like we had a bigger draft than normal. There's just a lot of unknowns.