John Hunter Nemehcek wins thriller at Martinsville | 2018 TRUCK SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: John Hunter Nemechek makes a daring three-wide pass and holds off Kyle Benjamin to win his first race of the year.

ANNOUNCER 1: --the restart. 31 laps to go here at Martinsville. And here comes Nemechek inside, making it three-wide.

CREW: Three-wide, still there, still three, still three. Everybody behind 8. 98's in there now. Inside barely. He's behind. He's on your bumper.


ANNOUNCER 2: Nice job by Benjamin. Oh, he puts the 4 in the wall. Pulled up and knocked the 4 into the wall.

ANNOUNCER 1: How the dynamic has changed here. And what a great call, you guys, on that restart, with Nemechek coming from the third spot.

ANNOUNCER 3: Absolutely.

ANNOUNCER 2: John Hunter needs to run the most three perfect laps of his career right here to hold off charging Kyle Benjamin.

ANNOUNCER 1: And look at Benjamin close it up.

CREW: Focus. All you got to do is focus, man. Don't worry.

ANNOUNCER 1: John Hunter's grandmother there on the left-hand side of the screen.

ANNOUNCER 3: Boy, Benjamin is right there, guys.

ANNOUNCER 1: Kyle Benjamin has closed the gap. It's about a quarter second. Can he get to the back bumper of John Hunter Nemechek? When they come to the line, there will be two laps left. One mile to go.

ANNOUNCER 3: This is the same truck that John Hunter won two races with last year-- Iowa and Gateway

ANNOUNCER 2: Great corner by Nemechek. He's able to pull Benjamin a bit. Kyle dives hard into the corner, closes that gap.

ANNOUNCER 1: One more time around for John Hunter Nemechek. Can he hold off Kyle Benjamin? White flag lap at Martinsville.

ANNOUNCER 3: It's going to take--

ANNOUNCER 1: Benjamin gets to him, but just can't quite get to the bumper. So close.

ANNOUNCER 3: It's going to take a bump to do it, I think, Vince.

ANNOUNCER 1: Into turn three, Benjamin to the back bumper.

CREW: You're all right. Stay in it. Stay in it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Pulling inside, but he's not going to do it. It's going to be John Hunter Nemechek winning at Martinsville.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's a pretty good Monday right there, isn't it?

ANNOUNCER 3: Yes, it is.

ANNOUNCER 4: Well, Vince, he finished twice here at Martinsville. Finally gets it done, you're going to victory lane. You guys have finished second here twice. John Hunter, this race came down to a couple restarts at the end. When did you know in those last couple restarts what you needed to do, and when you got up front, did you think you had enough to hold off the 54?

- Well, we had a little bit of miscommunication on that last pit stop, when everyone pitted there and came and got tires. Jerry came on the radio and said "pit." Well, I didn't hear exactly what he said, because of static, and we had to stay out there. And I didn't know if we're going to be able to do it. My guys brought me a great Fleetwing DAB Services--

- That a boy!

- --Chevy Silverado this weekend. I can't thank everyone enough-- Dad, everyone that puts their heart and soul into this deal. And there's only four guys in our shop this year, so it's really cool to be able to come back over here to the Truck Series and-- Bo hangs our bodies back in the shop. He's back home, probably watching it on TV, so-- or he's probably at the shop, actually, working today.

So just congrats to all these guys. These guys deserve it. Finished second here multiple times, so tick-tock, we finally got a clock. So it's going to be awesome being able to take that thing home.