Brad Keselowski wins at ISM Raceway | 2018 NASCAR XFINITY SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Xfinity Series Highlights: Brad Keselowski comes back from a speeding penalty to win the rain-delayed race at ISM Raceway.

ANNOUNCER 1: White flag is in the air. One lap to go. Sponsored by Credit One Bank.

36 career wins for Brad Keselowski and the NASCAR Infinity Series.

Got the checkered flag here back in 2014.

Half a lap away from doing it again.

ANNOUNCER 2: You know, that team's overcome a lot today. From, you know, almost getting in trouble one and two, speeding up pit road, coming from the back. Great strategy by Brian Wilson and congrats to that whole [INAUDIBLE] team for bringing home the checkered. And Brad, you know, you can't forget him for driving the thing.

ANNOUNCER 1: Great comeback. Brad Keselowski speeding penalty to victory lane, he wins it in Phoenix.


REPORTER: Victorious after a long day. The beer is flowing down here. These guys are very excited. Brad, it was a long day out there. You had a lot to overcome. Between a pit road speed and penalty, a little bit of damage to the right side this race car, just look like it was dominant though.

- It's a good car. A really good car. The Fitzgerald Gliders Mustang Ford. I find the car was better than me today. Justin Allgaier, quite honestly, out-drove me most of the day.

But at the end, we connected it with great stop, great pit work, good strategy and got out there on a brand new tires and just barely got by Christopher there. And I knew once we got to, kind of, by ourselves that we could-- the car would probably carry me a little bit. So, just really proud of that for Brian Wilson, and to get the team back in victory lane.

You know, a lot of this team is different this year, Regan, because of bringing on the 12 car at the cup level. And a lot of those guys left the team, graduated up and now there's a new class, and it's good to see them get some success.

REPORTER: You had this win-- this race highlighted on your schedule. You wanted to run it to help the cup car here. Did you learn today, and this evening, which you needed to learn to help your car tomorrow?

- Yeah, you know, it's just the track that I haven't ran very well at lately. And I know I'm making mistakes and I want to get better at it. So this certainly is-- it bodes well for the rest of the weekend.