Martin Truex Jr. celebrates his championship win in his post-race interview | 2017 HOMESTEAD-MIAMI | NASCAR VICTORY LANE

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Martin Truex Jr. checks in with the 'NASCAR Victory Lane' crew after winning the 2017 Cup Series Championship and the Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

MARTIN TRUEX JR.(VOICEOVER): Easy isn't my thing. Fighting is.

RICK ALLEN: Martin Truex Jr. is the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Champion.

J.R.: Here are the Monster numbers behind your 2017 Champion. There are a lot of firsts on this list. But perhaps the biggest one of all is the first title in 12 full-time seasons for Martin Truex Jr. And the Champion now joins us from Homestead Miami Speedway. Martin, congratulations so much on this incredible win today. But you know what? You had to have a never give up attitude to get this shot you had today. But it seems like today, you and your team continued that never give up attitude that nothing was going to stop you today.

- Yeah, thanks, John-- JR and Larry. I just-- I can't put into words what this means to me and my family and Sherry-- just everybody that's made this possible. It's really a dream come true. I'm still trying to take it all in, let it all soak in. But, you know, today just showed what we're made of.

You know, today was the day that we showed people who we were and how hard we could fight. And when it came down to it, how deep we could dig to find that speed and the ability to keep those guys behind us.

So, great pit calls by Cole Pearn, great adjustments all night to try to get in the ballgame. You know, there was a time in the race where we were fourth best out of the four of us and it wasn't looking very good. But we just kept fighting. We kept digging. And we never gave up and here we are.

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Martin, that final trip to pit road with 37 laps to go, your pit crew, they keep you out front, led you to choose which lane you wanted on the restart. But once you got out there, did you even look in the rear view mirror? Or was it just focus and listen to your spotter Clayton Hughes?

- I did a little bit of everything, to be honest with you. I was looking in the mirror trying to figure out where they were running, where I needed to run, and how early in the run I needed to move up-- so all those things. Clayton was doing a great job on the radio and listening to Cole about the lap times, what they were doing different, what I needed to do.

So, there was a point there with about 20 to go and, you know, the 18 had got to second. And he was catching me 3/10 a lap. And I'm like, I've got to find something before he gets to me. And I found the lane. It gave me-- I picked up 2/10. And I was able to run fast enough and, kind of, keep the air off of his car and find speed for my car at the same time and that kind of evened us out. And then from there, it was just hit your marks and don't screw up and bring it home

LARRY MCREYNOLDS: Martin, we talked to you the other day on the Race Hub show and you were telling us at the end of 2013, near the end of that year, you didn't even know if you were going to have a ride. You move to Furniture Row and that first year, 2014, it didn't bear a lot of fruit. Did you ever imagine less than three years later, you would have a season where you would win eight races and the championship?

- No, there's no way. I mean, you know, 2014 was just-- was so rough on us. And we had no momentum. We couldn't have-- we just couldn't find any speed. We had no confidence. But 2015 came around. And the end of 2014, we started to find a spark. And we found that-- Cole and I found that connection. And he started to believe in what I was saying. And that was really the catalyst for this team and where we're at right now.

And 2015, we came out of the box and we were really overachieving for-- we felt like for what equipment we had and what was going on. Went and won Pocono, made the final four as a huge underdog and really that just gave us a lot of confidence.

It gave us the confidence to come here tonight and know that, hey we came here, you know, years ago. We didn't do a good job. But we know what we need to come back and do this time around. So that experience was huge.

But yeah, I mean, in 2014 it was just-- it was crazy to think that we could ever get to where we're at today. And just proud of this team and Barney back in Denver-- all the guys there and just what they've built. It's just-- it's a fairytale. I mean, what else can you say? I feel like I'm dreaming still. And hopefully we'll have some fun tonight.

J.R.: Hey, Martin, how much more special is this when you consider the people you have to share this huge accomplishment with-- your family, your father, Sherry-- all those people sharing in this moment with you?

- Well, that's what it's all about, to be honest with you. They're the people who made me who I am. They are the people who stand behind me, you know, on the bad days, the bad years. There was a long time-- there was a couple years there wasn't many people that believed in me anymore.

But the people closest to me and my friends and family and Sherri and you know, this is for them. This is-- they're a huge part of this championship. It means so much to me to be able to bring them here tonight and have them celebrate and let them know that, hey, this is theirs too.

So, just super proud and like I said, I'm still kind of speechless. I don't really know what to say or what to feel right now. I feel like I'm up in space somewhere. Just proud of this team and the fight in them and believing in me and giving me what I need to get me out front. I don't know, just was our year, I guess.

J.R.: Well, Martin, you proved two things to us. You should never give up. But also, nice guys can finish first. Congratulations, man. Celebrate this one and enjoy it. You earned it.

- Yeah, thanks, guys. Yeah, I appreciate that. It means a lot.