Dale Earnhardt Jr. shares special moment with Rick Hendrick after his last race | NASCAR VICTORY LANE

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Dale Earnhardt Jr. finishes 25th in his final race and then shares a special moment with his team and car owner Rick Hendrick.

- The main focus was on those championship four drivers. This also was the final race for one of the most popular drivers ever, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. After 631 starts, he made his final one at Homestead-Miami today, and it wasn't really the kind of run he was looking for, Larry.

- No. He had to start at the rear of the field because of an engine change. He got into the wall, finished 25th, three laps down. But yeah, 631 career starts. Nothing to hang his head about.

- And so as he had a very emotional moment with car owner Rick Hendrick after the race, he also talked about what he would miss about driving in NASCAR's top series.

- Well, I had a lot of heartburn this morning. Wasn't sure what was going on there. My stomach was hurting, just because I was worried, I guess, about I don't know what. Got real emotional right there before we got in the car, talking to Rick, thanking him for everything he's done for me personally.

He means the world to me. He's like a father to me. And I just, you know, really wanted to make sure that he understands how important he is to me. And I was hoping the race went well, hoping we didn't have any problems and got to finish.

I'm going to miss my crew. They're like-- they're very-- they're very close. And those are the things I'm going to miss the most, working with the guys and being around my guys.

- And certainly, Dale gave credit where credit is due to Mr. Rick Hendrick, who put that whole thing together, and again, was like a father to Dale, Jr.

- I found it interesting-- all weekend long, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. just kept saying, I want to finish this race. I want to be able to drive this car in the garage area. I think there was a method to his madness, because he got the race car after the race. Rick Hendrick gets the helmet. But yeah, you know this was a very special day for that entire organization. Great weekend for Dale Earnhardt, Jr., winning the Xfinity Series championship last night with William Byron.

- Yeah, no question. Junior's going to be around for this sport for a long time.