Matt Kenseth says he hasn’t ruled anything out except Daytona for 2018 I NASCAR RACE DAY

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Matt Kenseth checks in with John Roberts ahead of what is likely his final Cup start to talk about what his future holds.

ANNOUNCER: Matt Kenseth, striking at the right time, going out, wrapping up this season and maybe a career with a win.

ANNOUNCER: Three to go this time for Matt, what could be one of the most emotional wins of his career.

CREW CHIEF (ON RADIO): Take that checkered flag. Welcome back, Champ.

MATT KENSETH (ON RADIO): Yeah, baby. Whoo! You guys are going to see the biggest crybaby you've ever seen.

CREW CHIEF (ON RADIO): I mean, that's just storybook.

- An amazing journey. I know I'm a big baby right now, but everybody dreams of going out a winner. Thank you, fans. I appreciate it.

- So our most recent winner joins us now from the race track. First of all, Matt Kenseth, congratulations on that victory. And does it make it any easier or perhaps a little bit harder to walk away right now when you know you can still compete at the highest level in this sport?

- That's a tricky question to answer. I mean, in a way, it maybe makes it a little bit easier. But I never really had that doubt. We just haven't really been able to make it happen. It's funny, because you know, you can talk about it, and do all that, but you know, the numbers, if you have a big enough sample, don't really lie. And we just haven't really been able to make it happen here the last 12 months or so. So it felt good for everything to come together at the end of the race, certainly with only a couple of races left. And to be able to get that win, that was a special one, for sure.

- Matt, how rewarding was it last week on how many competitors came to victory lane to congratulate you? Even Chase Elliott, that you passed for that win.

- Yeah, I mean, I think that's always a cool thing, Larry. I mean, you know, you go through your career, and you always kind of say, well, whatever people think of you, they're going to think of you. You don't go out ant try to make friends. You go out and try to win races and you know, and do all those things. But certainly, whenever, I think, you're respected, you know, from your peers and the fans and all that, it's obviously a really good feeling. So I got to talk to a lot of people and certainly got a lot of messages, a lot of people I haven't heard from in years and years. And it's been a really, really cool week, to be honest with you. It's been-- like I said, that was an awesome win. It ranks right up there on the top of my list, for sure. You know, it's been a really neat week.

- Matt, we've heard some of the other drivers that are retiring talk about running another series, perhaps Xfinity trucks, things like that. I heard you mention, at one point, I believe, late model racing. What can we expect from you outside of the Cup Series next year, racing-wise?

- Well, I'd say, right now, there's really no expectations. I just-- I haven't really necessarily ruled anything out. I mean, you always listen to things. You know, I have ruled out Daytona and you know, getting started and running the whole series next year. But other than that, I haven't really, necessarily ruled anything out. But if I had to guess, I would say I probably wouldn't be doing any or very much racing next year. But there are some things, you know, I do have fun doing. And you know, if an interesting opportunity comes up, it's certainly something you always look at, you know, and listen to. But I don't really foresee myself doing a lot of racing. Maybe a couple of late model races back in Wisconsin. Maybe see, kind of get through the end of this year and the beginning of next year, kind of see what it looks like, see what you feel like, and go from there.

- Hey, Matt. If you're not busy, you can certainly come up and join us on the desk anytime. We'd love to have you. But Matt, thank you so much for joining us today. Congratulations on the victory and best of luck out there today.

- Yeah. Thanks. I'll check my schedule, but I think I'm really busy, but thanks. [LAUGHS]