Brad Keselowski & Jeff Hammond talk who’s in & who’s out following the Charlotte ROVAL

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Brad Keselowski & Jeff Hammond talk about who they think will be in and out of the playoffs following the Charlotte ROVAL.

- Take me back to 2014 before those 400 miles at Talladega. How tight were you guys?

- That was stressful. You know, when you go into a race knowing you need to win it, it's one thing. When you go into a race at Talladega knowing you need to win it, that's another thing. I got to tell you, that was one of the most stressful races of my life.

- You should have seen the smile on his face when they showed that clip.

- But it was worth it.

- He was dancing.

- I still got a little smile.

- Who's going to be dancing Sunday when we leave the ROVAL, because we've got four guys down below the cut line. Which one of this quartet has a chance to make it happen Sunday?

- Well, I look at this list and I go right to Clint Bowyer. And I'll tell you why I go to Clint Bowyer. He's won before on a road course. He's won at Sonoma. Sonoma has some similarities to the infield at the ROVAL. And I think he's in a really good car in a really good place. If it wasn't for the wreck in Las Vegas, he'd be plenty good enough in the points. So I look at Clint, and as I look at these four, I say he's got the best shot at a walk off.

- Who you got, Jeff? Who's doing it this weekend?

- Well, we talked about him earlier. And the speed that they found, I've got to go with seven-time. I mean, he has got an opportunity. Him and Chad Knaus work so good together with strategy, he may have an opportunity--

- That's a good pick.

JEFF HAMMOND: --have a walk off right here and get a win and move himself on down without having to worry about anything.

BRAD KESELOWSKI: And he was really good at Sonoma this year and the last year as well. I think that's--

JEFF HAMMOND: Well, what about the test over there? I heard tell he was like one of the top three cars over.

- That's right. That's right. I could see it.

- So speed.

- Either one of these two.

- More speed.

- OK, so that means if two guys are going into the playoffs, two guys got to come out of the playoffs. So who do we have here?

- I hate that.

- Who do we have? Who we going?

- I feel like I'm the bad guy enough already, why don't you go ahead pick this one, Jeff?

ANNOUNCER: No, Brad, you're not going to-- come on.

- No guts, no glory?

- Yeah, Jeff, go ahead.

- All right, if you're not going to help me, or at least help me. How about that Alex Bowman. I hate to do it to him.

- Really?


- Yeah, and the reason why--

- I disagree with this one, but go ahead.

- But the reason why--

- You had your chance to--

- You forfeited your opportunity.

- If I got to take the heat, let me give it all.

- All right, fine.

- The biggest reason I'm saying it is his experience. And we've already talked about off camera how tricky this racetrack is. You can get it in over your head. Get in to turn one and you're back in the wall. I think when we get out there racing, his inexperience may come back and get him in trouble.

BRAD KESELOWSKI: Well, I'm just going to tell you, I like Alex a lot. I think he's done a great job and he's ran really well on the road courses.

ANNOUNCER: He can't help himself.

- I don't buy this, Alex, if you're watching.

- He can't help himself. He can't help himself.

- According to Brad, we're going to have 18 guys in the round of 12.

- If it was my world, and everything would be free.

ANNOUNCER: One last chance. One last chance to knock somebody out.

- Oh go ahead. Jeff's doing a great job.

- OK.

ANNOUNCER: He's doing a great job.

- I'm going to go with Austin Dillon, our Daytona 500 champion. And the reason is, go look at his statistics and everybody says, well, this is not the same deal. But he's not very good. His record does not show, he likes road courses. 16th is the best, highest finish he's ever had. And you're going to have to be higher than 16, I think at the end of Charlotte race, he will be able to get in--

- Now I think it's great you've thrown out stats on drivers. What's not being thrown out here is stats on cars. Because this track is going to eat cars alive. And you can be a driver that does everything perfect this weekend at the ROVAL and your car breaks down because of this race track, it doesn't matter what you've done in the past. So I'm looking at cars as much as I am drivers.

- He brings up something we haven't really discussed. But I have to agree with him. This is an unknown. And we may wind up want having something happen to some of these drivers. And everything we're talking about here today may be for naught.