Motte’s Minute: Clint Bowyer’s celebration after ending six-year winless streak

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In this week's edition of 'Motte's Minute' Daryl Motte takes you through Clint Bowyer's epic celebration after his first win in six years.

- Hey, I'm Daryl Motte. It's time again for this week's Mott's Minute. Starting the week can be tough, unless your name is Clint Bowyer and you just broke your 190-race winless streak. Then it's the best way to start the week ever. Clint's win brought smiles to just about everyone in the racing community. Well, almost everyone. But most drivers were super pumped for their fellow competitor and it was hugs all around. Clint was on top of the world.

- How about that? Woo.

DARYL MOTTE: Joking and laughing with the media after the race, and answering all the questions you'd expect to hear.

- [INAUDIBLE] makes beers. There's no way that his little skinny ass-- these are stovepipes. You can't just-- that lady right there, she's like, will you chug that for It's a damn stovepipe. I've been drinking a long time. Ain't nobody can chug a stovepipe.

- One question remained today as the sun came up. We were all thinking it, but leave it to Kyle Larson's son, Owen, to ask.

- Good job, Clint. How's your hangover?

- I'm going to guess it's pretty rough. My minute's up. Back to you guys.